UKS Art Journey Altered Binder!

I’m running a 6-month series over at on Art Journalling – you need to pop over and check it out!

Each week there’ll be a Research prompt on a Monday, followed by an Action prompt on a Wednesday.  These will lead you through an art journal journey, encompassing many techniques along the way to inspire your creativity – and featuring various individuals who are old hands at art journals!

Suitable for beginners or those who’ve already dipped their toe in the water, I really hope that you find time to follow along, or save the prompts for a time when you can – and I’m offering discounts on some of the products used so do keep checking back!

I wanted to share a technique for making a great album or journal that I found whilst surfing the merry old internet the other day – all you need is an old binder and duct or masking tape…

1. Cut as pictured (the measurements shown are 2 inches from the top and bottom, then measure out 6.5 inches from the spine fold each side, which give a page size of 7.5×5.5inches – but you can customise these to your own requirements).  The binder ‘proper’ shown in centre is the basis, the rest is spare and we’ll be using these to create a wraparound.


2. Using the strip removed from the top (or bottom), cut a length as long as your binder, and adhere to the right-hand side. It’s important to leave a little gap between the pieces to ensure a clean fold when you’ve taped them up.


3. Use one of the strips removed from the side, and tape in place – as you can see I trimmed the edges off before I did mine to give a nice ‘folder’ shape.


4. Cover all raw edges and joints with duct tape, to ensure no splitting or fraying. If you are covering with panels as opposed to covering the entire thing, this also means nice regular edges and no folding panels around!


5. And here’s a shot of mine open, so you can see I did tape mine to within an inch of it’s life… I also added a pocket by using up the other strip removed from the side – I covered all the raw edges and then taped it inside my left-hand cover. And that’s it!

(Apologies, in order to crop this to the same size, you get lovely views of my friend’s cats, who jumped up whilst I was creating to have a peep!)


All that remains is for you to use the papers you’ve collected to cover the binder, cut to size, punch and insert.  Using the scraps you can either randomly stick them onto pages to create pre-made bases, or save them for when you create the pages.

PS. This idea originally came from Chris (UKS Scrapnanny) and there are decorated examples on her blog, The Craft is Taking Over.

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